Yellow Tape Album Release; Key Glock

January 27, 2020

by: Racquel Deeds


Paper Route Empire introduced Key Glock’s Yellow Tape album to the public in an intimate setting in New York City on Wednesday at Club Jue Lan. Listeners had the opportunity to listen to the album early before the release on January 31st.  This is Mr. Glock’s first project after Dumb and Dumber with Memphis partner Young Dolph. Publicist Nakia Hicks introduced Glock and welcomed guests to the event. With few spoken words, Key Glock introduces Yellow Tape to listeners. 



To show his gratitude toward his fans, he provided a full course meal. Amazing appetizers like Cripsy Chicken Wontons covered in a duck sauce with Signature Shrimp Tempura with spicy Mayo was to die for. Mr. Glock’s classy tastes in the food were accompanied by a light wine and open bar to guests.



Key Glock Yellow Tape x @stefanbunbury


Besides the tasty entree’s that were provided, Yellow Tape is similar to his past projects Glockaoma and Glock Bond released in 2018. With singles like  “Mr. Glock” and ” Look at They Face,” show Glocks energic aggressive raps with clever wordplay. Overall, I would rate the album a solid 7.

Key Glock x @stefanbunbury


Click here to listen. 



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