SOBs Presents: The “SOB’s Certified Playlist”

May 12, 2020

SOBs Presents:

The SOBs Certified Playlist

During these tumultuous times, it is important to highlight the resilience within everyone. We at SOB’s believe it is important to follow all protocols to protect our communities and to allow us to move into the future in good health.  We also believe these difficult times are key for the creation of art and music and for this reason we have launched our “SOB’s Certified” playlist. 


Our playlist will be showcasing submissions from you! We pride ourselves on giving the underdogs a chance and will continue to do so! 


Thank you for all the submissions that have come in within the last 2 weeks! The SOB’s team goal is to provide artist a platform where they can showcase their music. As one of New York City’s more legendary venues, it was evident that many talented individuals still needed our help. We have created this playlist in order to use our own relationships and your talents to get a conversation started about what support looks like. This week we are proud to announce our artists of the week: FERGIE BABY ft. 27 DELLY.


Fergie Baby and 27 Delly are showcasing a new wave of hip-hop. The two have partnered up to bring the groovy back into the classic SugarHill rhymes we grew up. Do not get left behind! These two young talents are definitely people to pay attention to.

Uptown’s Back ft. 27 Delly




 Our playlists do not only consist of Fergie Baby and 27Delly. Tune in to the rest of the playlist and tell us who you’re interested in.



  1. Song EightRicardo Amante 
  2. On GuardOdah Raga
  3. FireKaidy Superville 
  4. Notice MeWazo Daveed
  5. Hold Me DownMaya Johnson  
  6. YNWDYoung Bry 
  7. Bent Out of ShapeShawnAnthony 
  8. Fucked UpCharger x Eddy
  9. Uptowns Back  – Fergie Baby x 27Delly
  10. Cruisin’DreGotTheBlues
  11. Believe in Me – Pharociuos Styles 
  12. Devil out in Queens –  KnowitAll 
  13. All Cap – D.Maka 
  14. AmenNik Moody 
  15. FeelingsTaiya 
  16. I LikeKendallisLaTe 
  17. TryMatt Relevo
  18. Souls Speak – K.O.G
  19. UglyIsaji Riq
  20. Dont Come to MeTinzo
  21.                                                            Hit My LineBobbie Rose 

Click here to listen to the full playlist on Soundcloud.


Curated by the SOBs Team 

Written: Aronys Perez 

Edited: Aronys Perez 

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