SOB’s Certified #7

October 15, 2020

by: Racquel Deeds


We had to bring back our playlist SOB’s Certified #7! Since we’re not able to have showcases like Common Ground or Sol Village in our venue, our playlist is a great way to gain exposure. Starting next week, we’ll pick an artist to highlight and have their music featured on our Instagram and Twitter feed.






Actively submit your music biweekly. Playlist will be posted on the 15th & 30th of every month. When submitting music, make sure it’s already uploaded to the three platforms ( YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify) It’s okay if you don’t have all three; as long as you have two out of the three. 


SOB’s Certified #7


  1. Esther’s Prayer – Dominika Hwang  
  2. I Want YouZay 
  3. O.B.4.R.N.S DroTheWhale
  4. 4 Tires Flat – Baghead, Ozer, Professa Gabel & The Jealous Guys  
  5. LossesVonXXL  
  6. Flexin’ on My ExAQ THE G.O.D
  7. Eeny Meeny Miny MoHolland Izz  
  8. CloseBelaire ft Li & The Lonerz 
  9. Nippy- Student 1
  10. Tek TimeMosliano feat Keva Hype 
  11. SummatimeOneLifeMusix





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