BAG FEST: Lil Haiti

October 28, 2020

By: Racquel Deeds

Brooklyn rapper that represents his native country, Lil Haiti performs at BAG Fest 2020. Sponsored by Belaire, BAG Mangement created a platform for artists to show their true colors.  Here’s a short snippet from Sunday:



  We have Lil Haiti.


You’ve just performed. How was it on a virtual stage?

It was a little different, of course because there was no audience. I still kept the same energy. It was cool 

and appreciate the invite to be here. 

Of course! We always appreciate the vibes. How did the music business start for you?

I actually been doing music since I was five. Born and raised in Haiti and I’ve always been into it. 

What in your childhood involved music that influenced you?

Back home, we had carnivals and stuff like that. I was conducting carnivals and playing in the bands. Like I was creating events at the age of five. 

Damn , that’s young. What were you doing at 15 then?

( Laughs ) I wasn’t doing too much besides just school and chasing girls. Like I was into music but not really into it.




Upcoming projects include his second single Poland Spring. Lil Haiti describes the song to be dedicated to the women that surround him constantly. And like any man, he aims to please. He’ll be dropping an EP later on in the year. Until then, continue streaming Lil Haiti’s latest single Panicking.




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