BAG FEST; MannyLitt

October 28, 2020

By: Racquel Deeds

BAG Fest 2020 was hosted on our legendary virtual stage this past Sunday. Partnering with Belaire and BAG Mangement, we brought forth amazing talent around the New York Area. MannyLitt was one of many from Brooklyn that had the opportunity to spread the Brooklyn way of life.


“I started my career as my own audio engineer. No one wanted to work with me at first because I didn’t have any mixes. So I started recording myself.”


After trial and error, his words on the track became songs like Down Part 2. He speaks on topics that push positivity no matter how difficult situations might seem. MannyLitt reminds himself that it’s possible, you just have to remain focused. 



As an independent artist, he continues to engineer his own music and work on his craft. MannyLitt is still building but is doing music full time. To listen more, click here. 


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