Happy S.O.B.’s Day?! | Our 40th Anniversary Party | 07.25.23

August 18, 2023

Written by S.O.B.’s Intern Abriana Placencia 


📸: @yungssfe


Words cannot explain the amount of gratitude we have for July 25th to be our very own day in the one and only NYC. We cannot have this great honor without our mayor, Eric Adams and The NYC Office of Nightlife Deputy Director, Jose Soegaard for coming tonight to present and award us. You know we had to make this night a big one!




We had some legendaries in here with us today to celebrate. Shoutout to Maeta, Tone Stith, and Torae for popping out and showing out with special performances. 





We would like to express a big thank you to Cyro Baptista, Jerry Wonda, Dj Rekha, Ariel Palitz, Maurice Bernstein, Wendy Trinidad, and these are only some of the wonderful members of the S.O.B. family that came out to celebrate this momentous day. We couldn’t have S.O.B. day without the family. 















We had the ones who created a space for legendaries to be born, Larry Gold and Robbin Gold. We also can’t forget about the ones who make events happen and the big boss Marie-Ann, she deserved her flowers! We had a time and made sure to live it up tonight!





We are truly, truly grateful to have not only 40 years on our belt, but a proclamation in our honor. We couldn’t have done it without The Golds, our amazing event coordinators, the legendary artists who have graced our stage with different ranges, sounds, and lyrics that move those around them, and last but not least the crowds that make S.O.B.’s, S.O.B.’s. Here’s to another Legendary 40 years at Sounds of Brazil!





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