Who’s that Wednesday: Kai Bando

January 10, 2021

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The Sugar Hill is back and things may be sweet. “Sugar Hill”, Hamilton Heights, has been the epicenter for fashion, hip-hop, and cultural mixing for decades. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Big L,  and rising star 27 Delly have all been products of the vibrant community known as “Sugar Hill”.  Harlem may have another young legend in the making and his name is Kai Bando.



Born and raised on “Sugar Hill (143rd and Hamilton Place”, Kai Bando is an artist to look out for in the coming years. The young artist explains his drive and determination come from “the trenches”, a euphemism used by younger generations to describe an environment where inequities and oppression thrive; however, Kai explains the trenches are his inspiration.


“The hunger is different. All we do is hustle, none of that be outside for nothing.  I’ve learned to observe my environment and process situations others may never encounter. I’m quiet, but when I’m with my team its always…”


Kai Bando’s music has a different twist to it.  When asked about his sound and his musical influences Kai Bando admits the drill scene is cool but,


“I feel like my sound is different. The sound I’m going for is closer to Rnb with a switch…. Kinda Pnb Rock.”


Kai spoke about up and coming artist  Trelli Savage and Rahh Young for giving him the confidence and support he needs to break the current state of NYC. Kai Bando made it a point to emphasize his future is bright and all he sees is success. So our team asked him “Why?”


Kai’s response was simple.


“I see success. The right people around me.  They putting me on the right path. Always being outside.  Outside when it’s time. Not outside doing nothing”


“Being outside” has been the vein of our existence in 2020, yet Kai explains how he understands the difference between being outside for business versus just wasting your time. 


Kai Bando not only wants to put on for Sugar Hill, but he wants to get all of the city involved, specifically, Flexo, a rapper from “Uptown” New York City. Kai Bando’s EP will be dropping soon. The young artist will be featured on our Instagram live Wednesday, January 13th, 2021. TUNE IN!

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