Sue Me – Wale; A Short Film.

April 22, 2020

Written by: Racquel Deeds

Wale releases a short film to single Sue Me starring Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges. The song stands behind rooting for everyone that is black. A common quote that we hear from Issa Rae and Rihanna. He pushes to support all-black businesses. Director Kerby Jean- Raymond depicts a different reality. The eight-minute video display’s political challenges that everyday POC face. 


The video is a wake-up call. It displays a call of action on what needs to be changed in our society. Addressing issues such as constant profiling on billboards to the current situation that is going on in our jail system in this pandemic. Kerby Jean-Raymond puts that “majority” in the shoes of the minority to create an experience of what is not being shown in our current reality. 

Wale has always pushed metaphoric poetry in his lyrics and projects. From single Nike Boots to The Album About Nothing with Sinfield, he’s always found a way to deliver. As an SOB’s Alumn, here are some past performances. 




With a close relationship with J.Cole, Wale always had his support. Stopping by five years ago at Wale’s Release party.



Would it be too much to ask for a live battle between these two? Click here for a playlist. 


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