Rising Star – Kentheman

July 16, 2019


There’s a shift of women empowerment in the rap industry. As music enthusiasts and spectators of the game, we have watched a number of female rappers rise from the biased concrete criticism and expectations placed on them. Artists like City Girls, Meg the Stallion , and now KENTHEMAN are beating the odds, doing numbers and remaining humble. Stealing our hearts and bringing that Houston heat with her, KENTHEMAN has kicked off her first press run right here in the Big Apple! Her newly single “He Be Like” is fire and is steadily raising the temperature. The record dropped in Houston and quickly worked its way up to Atlanta’s strip club scene; which is not the easiest thing to do especially as an independent artist. However, there are no worries now, since then she has teamed up with some of BlackYounsta’ s business associates for management and PR. Her southern accent, feminine charisma and aggressive delivery makes her a triple threat warranting her access to big corporations like Tidal, XXL, and Audiomack. This is just the beginning for the Houston native. Continue to watch her talents and hard work payoff to see her soon perform at SOB’s. Check out more of her music.

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