Encore Tayla Prax!

February 6, 2020

By: Racquel Deeds


Known for writing hit songs like “In Common,” by Alicia Keys, and “High Hopes,” by Panic at the Disco, Tayla Parx drops her pen to pick up her own mic. On tour with her album “We Need to Talk,” Parx sold out at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn, New York.


Walking into the venue, a mix of people were in the crowd. You can tell Parx has a vibe for all types of individuals and interests. Opening the show with covers from pieces she wrote like “ Thank U, Next,” by Ariana Grande, and “I Like That,” by Janelle Monae, the audience swayed to all of the different genres. The stage alone was setting the mood for Parx’s performance. There was a trailer park in the back accompanied by neon cactus lighting the stage at stage right from the audiences view. Accompanied solely by her guitarist who was by her side creating an atmosphere that lasted until the night was over.      




True emotion was shown when Parx was performing the song “Easy.” The crowd was silenced with the guitarist emphasizing every note, and her voice showing true emotion to every word. A silent tear fell from Parx’s face, and the crowd was astonished in awe. Quickly changing the mood, she asks, “Who’s birthday is it?”





For her first sold out show in New York, Parx was beyond excited to continue her tour. Make sure you catch Tayla Parx at the Mint in LA on February 13th for her last performance in the states before she heads overseas for her tour. Click here for more information.





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