SOB’S Certified #22

February 8, 2022

This week we’re highlighting Siergio from our #SOBsCertified playlist. Siergio is an artist from Chicago but based in LA, who started making music in 2009. With his recent track “Take You Out”, Siergio brings a melodic and hot song about going out entails for him. Siergio describes his genre of music as “genuine R&B; I make music based on my real-life experiences in life and love”. When asked what motivates him to create, Siergio says, “The ability to reach people with your art and connect with them motivates me to create”. Noting that he hopes that his art helps others overcome different things that they might face. Sergio has dreams of touring the world and winning a few Grammy’s among many other things in the next five years. Tap in and listen to “Take You Out” which is featured on this week’s Music Mondays, to check out his work follow him @Siergio 


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  1. Thank You – Leak
  2. Now You Do You – TheRealDonSwagg
  3. Worlds Collide – Sunday Solei
  4. Take You Out – Siergio
  5. Make Time – Brian McKnight JR
  6. Can’t Fuck Wit Me – Rah The Broker


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