The Song : Distrubtion Deal & $5,000

August 21, 2020

By: Racquel Deeds
As you’ve probably heard by now: The Morning Hustle and 300 Entertainment are looking for “The Song.” A fight song and a new song of hope. The soundtrack for right now. We’re asking listeners to submit a fitting track for a chance to win $5,000 and a distribution deal of their song on all streaming platforms. 
Additionally, in a related interview with Kevin Liles today, he discussed the magnitude and history of revolutionary songs and why we need one right now. 
If you haven’t already, please consider sharing content around the contest below. NOTE: The Flo & Go is FIRE!! 🙂
The Song: Submit Your Track For A Chance To Win $5,000 and a Distribution Deal 
Flo & Go: “No Justice, No Peace” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] 
The Song: Kevin Liles Discusses Power of Revolutionary Music [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] 
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