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Weston Estate

Tickets: $20

Age 16+

Weston Estate wants the world to know that they are definitively “ya aunty’s favorite boy band.”
Named in jest for an affluent neighborhood adjacent to their hometown of Cary, North Carolina, the lo-fi, alt band is an alluring anomaly. Members Srikar Nanduri (guitar), Manas Panchavati (vocals), Tanmay Joshi (vocals), Abhi Manhass (production, bass), and Marco Luka (vocals) are five best friends whose descriptions of each other range from “epicurean dumbass,” “nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” to “a Spongebob character.” All of Indian descent with the exception of Marco who is a first-generation Cuban-American, they’ve tapped into their cultural influences, eclectic range of personalities, and individual tastes to carve out a new space entirely of their own. The project started by accident in 2017 during a Playstation party. Abhi and Tanmay started freestyling, sparking an impulse to record a song on Abhi’s recently acquired FL studio. Eager to follow the creative spark, Abhi invited Tanmay and Srikar to his house. There was just one slight problem. He was home alone and barred from having friends over, with security cameras and a German Shepherd to make sure of it. Determined, the boys snuck through Abhi’s basement
window, saving the first recording session. The result was a dancehall song with a Bollywood sample that would soon attract the rest of the band and kick off the Weston Estate project. 


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