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Dec 13, 2023   |  Doors 7:00 pm     ADD TO CALENDAR

The 20’s Club: Winter Formal

Tickets: $15 Advance / $20 At Door

Age 18+ or 16+ W/ Guardian

Welcome to the Club :)

Bring your prettiest gown, fitted suit, and dirtiest converses for a night at My Friend Shawn’s ‘The 20’s Club: Winter Formal,’ a ball-themed musical variety show setup to celebrate the 2020’s and beyond. Welcome to the Club 🙂

It’s the weekend before good ol’ Christmas break, so why not let it out with a bang?

All your friends will feel the warmth of Miami’s music scene fusing with the blues and hues of New York’s local indie scene. A step back from Shawn’s usual performance gig, and centering around Indie and Alternative music within the Rock and Rap genres, this year’s winter formal is a musical showcase meant for those who want to dance hand in hand with their lover, mosh with their best friends, or sing words to tunes they never knew 3-5 hours before. Grab a hot coco and enjoy the show!

Performances from Cosmo’s Demos, Noah Richardson, Abreu, 619!, Jaswiry, Kendall Raesunnie, Nicknames, Cola Cartel, Campbell Moon, and My Friend Shawn.   

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