Dec 13, 2023   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT

The 20’s Club: Winter Formal

Tickets: $15 Advance / $20 At Door

Age 18+ or 16+ W/ Guardian

Welcome to the Club :)

Bring your prettiest gown, fitted suit, and dirtiest converses for a night at My Friend Shawn’s ‘The 20’s Club: Winter Formal,’ a ball-themed musical variety show setup to celebrate the 2020’s and beyond. Welcome to the Club 🙂

It’s the weekend before good ol’ Christmas break, so why not let it out with a bang?

All your friends will feel the warmth of Miami’s music scene fusing with the blues and hues of New York’s local indie scene. A step back from Shawn’s usual performance gig, and centering around Indie and Alternative music within the Rock and Rap genres, this year’s winter formal is a musical showcase meant for those who want to dance hand in hand with their lover, mosh with their best friends, or sing words to tunes they never knew 3-5 hours before. Grab a hot coco and enjoy the show!

Performances from Cosmo’s Demos, Noah Richardson, Abreu, 619!, Jaswiry, Kendall Raesunnie, Nicknames, Cola Cartel, Campbell Moon, and My Friend Shawn.   


An eclectic lineup of 10 acts brought together by Florida-born alternative artist My Friend Shawn, each artist will showcase their unique alternative style.

Cosmo’s Demos bridges South Florida’s Indie R&B with acoustic elements and distorted guitars. Bright and lively, Noah Richardson is an attention-grabbing, yet charming, alt-pop sensation!

Debuting their first New York shows enter Abreu and 619! – Abreu being an electronic/alternative singer-songwriter whose vocoded vocals layered with distorted acoustic instruments bring about an ethereal movement within the body- and 619! a DJ duo that blends jungle, house, and garage music with the summery hues and backdrops of Miami, Florida.

Delving further we encounter Kendall Raesunnie, a down-to-earth alternative R&B artist whose upbeat melodies inspire hope and aspiration. This pairs nicely with the lovely Jaswiry, whose traditional R&B production highlights her clear and confident approach to empathy.

To relax Campbell Moon delivers on bedroom pop and the intimate, asking for closeness and connection. For the youthful exuberant, the next act Nicknames is Billboard’s next biggest chart-topper with charismatic influence built around confident indie pop. 

The visually striking Cola Cartel gives a new meaning to doing what we love with their electrifying and ingenious stage productions. And a friend to music everywhere, we present My Friend Shawn,  a 22-year-old singer/songwriter whose new school approach to hip-hop is tightly woven around lyrical expression and cohesive world-building. Here’s a sneak peak to what you can expect at the Winter Formal.

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