Aug 11, 2021   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT

QnA w/ R&R featuring MaxRaella


Age 21+

Hosted by Racquel Deeds on Instagram LIVE

It’s Giving” showcases MaxKaella’s attitude toward being her own woman. She expresses how love is not a requirement to have self-fulfillment. With her desire to inspire she encourages women to channel their inner “BAD BI**H ENERGY” to gain an extreme level of self-awareness for one’s own ability to love themselves and have fun while doing it.
Since 7 years old MaxKaella has always been the shy sweet singer in choir practice and school talent shows. Until she went viral from her rendition of Kodak Black’s single, Molly, claiming herself as ‘Maxxy from the trap.’ Breaking out of her shell as the social butterfly, now known as
MaxKaella, the mix between her sweet sound yet raunchy lyrics continues to raise eyebrows and draw attention from many.

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