Oct 28, 2021   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT

MajorStage Presents: Samoht

Tickets: $20

Age 21+

Samoht Bio: 
Samoht is a child of the ancestors—past, present and the future wrapped up all into one. Born a 90s kid in Wilson, North Carolina, Samoht is product of a musical family consisting of a mother who played multiple instruments at his childhood church. Naturally, Samoht joined the children’s choir at the urging of his grandmother, cultivating a voice that now heals the brokenhearted and elevates the minds of others. Samoht’s biggest influence is nature. The sound of the animals, the wind as it tickles the leaves on the trees and the white noise that permeates through the silence of the night all ignites his creative process. That didn’t change once he moved to New York City, releasing projects, “Mxxn Wave” & “OMEN” in 2018 with a 5th record, dubbed “exit” in rotation in 2019. In the midst of sonic pollution that plagues millennials, Samoht is a breath of fresh air, honoring traditional R&B. But, it’s his alternative approach that will keep audiences craving his ear candy.

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