Apr 15, 2022   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT

Los Hacheros w/ Jeremy Bosch

Tickets: $15

Age 21+


Brooklyn’s Los Hacheros, modern-day torchbearers of the Golden Age of Latin music. Their beat revives folkloric styles like son montuno, guaracha and salsa, and often combines them with Bomba, a fiery rhythm from the mountains of Puerto Rico.

A band of only 7 musicians, Los Hacheros can sound like a conjunto of 12. Eddie Venegas (Marc Anthony, Orquesta Broadway), who plays violin and sings chorus, improvises mambos on the trombone, Itai Kriss (Edmar Castaneda, Grupo Latin Vibe) sings, plays flute, campana, and guiro, while Jeremy Bosch is in charge of lead vocals. William Ash (Alfredo de la Fe, Brenda K Starr) holds down the tumbaos on baby bass while Jacob Plasse (Orquesta Akokan) plays the tres, a guitar-like instrument originating from the Oriente Province in Cub

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