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Tickets: $40

Age 21+

As a founding father of Thai Hip-Hop within the group “Thaitanium”, DABOYWAY is a pioneer of what Hip Hop has become today and has helped pave the way for younger generations of Thai Hip-Hop. DABOYWAY aka Pcess, Way-Thaitay or Prinya Intachai, a respected and iconic figure in Southeast Asia came a long way from his New York/New Jersey roots. From music mogul, to fashion icon and influencer, art patron to entrepreneur, director, actor, father and more – he has set the bar high – there’s no limit to what DABOYWAY can and will do. As a successful entrepreneur, Way is the founder and owner of Thailand’s premiere hip barbershop “Never Say Cutz” with over 25 locations throughout the country. As described by Vice Magazine “This whole trend started with Never Say Cutz—a spot that popularized the whole notion of a hip barbershop in the first place. That shop has a more hip-hop feel to it… Today, it’s Bangkok’s flagship barbershop.” With such strong confidence and bold style, part of what makes Way a fashion icon and influencer is his role with brands such as Nike, Rimowa, BMW, Honda and Hennessey who have named him their brand ambassador. DABOYWAY has had success in the film industry both as an actor in several films and as a director – co-directing and co-starring in his own feature film “Choice” which was a hit at the Thai box office. In adddition, he has produced, directed and starred in numerous music videos. Through his philanthropic endeavors, Way has given back to the community at large, but even more specifically through building platforms for Thai artists to showcase their talents, he gives back to the entertainment community – working to develop younger generations of artists. Now, as President of Def Jam Thailand, Way looks forward to expanding upon his role of nurturing and developing up and coming tale

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