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Bohan Phoenix: The boy from overseas, live at S.O.B.'s!

Tickets: $20

Age 18+

DJ Shannon, Chelsea Reject + T'nah, LEEWAY

This is the story of the boy from overseas with Bohan Phoenix and friends 

Bohan immigrated from China to Boston at 11. He fell in love with hip hop and quickly learned to speak English by rapping along to Eminem and Lauryn Hill. Today, Bohan is an anomaly in both the American and Chinese music scenes; his effortless blending of both Chinese and English reflects his dual identity and aims to bridge the gap between the two cultures he calls home. Bohan is a storyteller who prides himself on the honestly in his work, which is personal yet relatable. Drawing inspiration from his life and the world around him, Bohan’s authenticity has gained the love and respect of fans and peers globally.

In 2022, Bohan broke more boundaries: he became the first Chinese rapper to perform at not one, but three NBA halftime shows. The first Asian male to be photographed in the iconic Pirelli Calendar, featured in Vogue alongside icons like Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Iggy Pop and more. Bohan’s independent spirit earned him the brand ambassador role for Hennessy, Beats by Dre and Vans. His music can also be found thumping in the soundtracks of Disney and Netflix movies, as well as popular video games like NBA2K. An active member of his community, Bohan does not shy away from using his platform and music to rally support for the Stop Asian Hate and BLM movement, even donating royalties of his songs perpetually to charities. With new music planned for all of 2023, Bohan continues to break expectations and pave the way forward for what is possible.

Chelsea + T’nah:

Chelsea Reject is a dynamic force in hip-hop, known for her eclectic style and innovative approach. Raised in Brooklyn, her music blends gritty street influences with imaginative lyricism, captivating fans with authentic storytelling. Collaborating with influential artists like Mick Jenkins, Chelsea’s tracks tell powerful stories, connecting with audiences on a deep level. With a unique blend of hip-hop, she’s leaving a lasting impact on the music world.

T’nah is a rising star with soulful vocals and profound lyrics. Hailing from New York, her urban influence blends seamlessly with an authentic sound that captivates audiences. Collaborating with Joey Bada$$ showcased her soulful infusion into rap, resonating with listeners on a personal level. T’nah’s authenticity and modern edge make her a future icon in soul-infused hip-hop. Watch out for her innovative sound and distinct style as she continues to ascend in the music industry.


LEEWAY is a Brooklyn-based Chinese-American rapper and DJ. Blending contemporary hip-hop with sounds inspired by jazz & soul, the Bay Area native raps with unpredictable flows and a melancholy hunger over neck-bobbing beats.

Best known for his lyricism and vulnerability, LEEWAY creates music to process moments and emotions from his life. His debut full-length album “Stay Gold” is filled with highs and lows, following his mental state as he navigates through tumultuous experiences with mental health, falling in and out of love, and rediscovering himself over the pandemic. Through music, he hopes to connect with people who can relate to and learn from his experiences.

DJ Shannon:

Shannon Dawson is a dance floor professional. From the club to the recording booth and beyond, the kinetic native New York DJ exhibits a deep understanding of what moves people at any place or time. From 2015 to 2019, Shannon brought her unlimited exuberance and expert skills to Chongqing, China, where she lived and lit up the decks at local clubs and parties across the country. There she co-founded, owned, and operated CREAM, Chongqing’s first hip-hop–focused club. 


Shannon’s sound: Big and bold. Dangerous on the decks, she’s noted for her layering and phrasing, dizzying handwork, and big-time blends of hard-hitting club, classic and ghetto house, techno, global bass, breakbeat, hip-hop, and anything fiery and fun. She’s slayed the CDJs in revered New York venues including Nowadays, Elsewhere, House of Yes, and Good Room. Outside of the club, Shannon graces the airwaves of the Lot Radio and Radio Bonita. And she’s the sunny host of her own podcast Club Management, which explores music’s ability to bridge communities around the world through thoughtful interviews with such guests as TRAXMAN, UNIIQU3, Bohan Phoenix, Ikonika, and Dance Mania founder Ray Barney.

Hear mixes by and connect with DJ Shannon https://linktr.ee/Shannon1DJ

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