Dec 11, 2022   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT


Tickets: $25

Age 16+

After playing the S.O.B.’s Latinx Virtual Music Fest in 2020, Mexico City’s AQUIHAYAQUIHAY play their long-awaited LIVE show at S.O.B.’s in NYC on December 11th! 


Defining M-pop with crossover genres like R&B, Hip-Hop and classic Latin rhythms, Jay-lee, Neqer, Phynx, Zizzy and Nehly make up the world’s first Anti-Boyband, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY.

Everyone believes that to be part of something there has to be some bond or quality in common, something that makes a whole group of people different or that distinguishes them by some similarity. For AQUIHAY it doesn’t make much sense because anyone could be an AQUIHAYAQUIHAY. They put aside a filter and realized that by accepting that we are not all and feel the same, that we can live together and support each other’s situation, you live in harmony respecting the ideology of others without neglecting your own, you learn the good thing about each one of those who share their experience and accept oneself as such, we are constantly changing and something as banal as a global idea should not define us.

Led by Adrian Be, this project was born at the beginning of 2017 but was not baptized until April, coinciding with the union of the last member of the group. These young artists, influenced and trained by the street and IRL experiences, apart from singing, produce, direct, compose and design their brand. They have redefined and have become referents of this alter ego of the so-called ‘Boybands’ both in Mexico and in the US. And they remain at the forefront of this ‘Mexican Pop’ movement designed and created by AQUIHAYAQUIHAY themselves.

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