Open House at Essence Fashion House

September 5, 2019

By Racquel Deeds

Walking to a nearby harbor off of the last stop of the 7 train was a beautifully laid out gallery of Affirmation Arts. They kicked-off fashion week by hosting Essences Fashion House on Thursday. 

Target and other sponsors laid out pieces around the gallery for viewers to admire and also take note. The main room had a short walkway that led the garments to glide through the audience with grace. Garments from Rich Mnisigave provided brave prints and colors for the upcoming season. 






In between fashion shows were panelists like Anthony Hamilton and Krista Alexander that gave tips and tricks to fashion. In particular, Alexander made a statement on the system of consumption and how more is sometimes less.

“It’s crazy to think of the idea of constant consumption when we can reuse our clothes. Like we always think we need to have everything up to date when we can just reuse or clothes to make it our own.” 

She points to a young woman in the crowd that created a skirt out of ties. 


Prime Example.

For the start of fashion week, Essences really made an impact by incorporating culture and style. 


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