Sep 18, 2019   |  Doors 7:00 pm       ← PAST EVENT

Techy Fatule

Tickets: $30- $80

Age 21+

Artista Invitado Oscar Almonte

Techy is a singer-songwriter, actress and brand ambassador and has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. The daughter of Dominican showman and TV host Carlos Alfredo Fatule and writer and motivational speaker Tania Baez. She grew up in Santo Domingo in a home filled with music and love for the arts. Techy studied piano, guitar and honed her skills as a vocalist with the best music and vocal teachers in the Dominican Republic. Her career as a child-star started in the famous Latin American show “Don Francisco” and graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her roles in music theatre includes “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast”; “Deena Jones” in “Dream Girls” and “Maureen Jonson” in “Rent” to name a few. In addition, she has been cast as the lead actress in three movies. Techy is a force to be reckoned with and her most recent single “VOLVERAS” is gearing to position her as the next Latin-American Pop star.

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