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Mar 31, 2019   |   7:00 pm

Flavio Venturini

Tickets: $25.00

Age 21+

Flavio Venturini is coming to the US in March, 2019. Tell your friends and family about his exciting events
Flavio Venturini is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. He is a member of the most iconic musical movement Clube da Esquina, that took place in Brazil in the 1980’s. Flavio Venturini spent his teenage years developing his musical roots and improving his abilities in playing piano. Over time, Flavio proved to be one of the most talented and prolific Brazilian artists, traveling and playing a broad and diversified set of musical styles.
Flavio created ageless melodies and songs with such hits like, “Nascente”, “Todo Azul do Mar”, “Noites com Sol “, “Mais Uma Vez, “Linda Juventude” and many more. Flavio played on very popular bands like “O Terco” and “14 Bis”. By 1982, Flavio started his solo career by producing his first album “Nascente”, which was acclaimed by critics and public, including songs like “Espanhola” and the title track, with dozens of covers