Celebrate MJ’s Birthday with this incredible production at the Legendary SOB’s!

“He bought the Beatles Catalog. He owned 50% of Sony publishing. He called Tommy Mottola the devil. If I was Prince I would watch my back beefing with Warner Brothers.” – #NiteMJDied  

The Night Michael Jackson Died is the story of a chance encounter by complete strangers in a club in Little Havana, Miami on June 25, 2009, after MJ’s last curtain call. Written by Award-Winning Playwright and Co-Founder of We Act Radio, Kymone Freeman, The Night Michael Jackson Died demonstrates the contrast between the United States and Cuban relations as an ocean of divide is narrowed by a dance floor and the eccentric legacy of MJ.  Equally thought-provoking and relevant, The Night Michael Jackson Died blurs the lines between Black and White, young and old, rich and poor along with right and wrong. With five actors and a DJ, this incredible stage reading will be brought to life taking us back to the good times.