LeVert co-founder, award winning multi-platinum songwriter and music producer Marc Gordon has hit the ground running with two extremely incredible songwriters/music producers/recording artists, Blaq Rose and Parrice Smith to continue the legacy and reformed LeVert and has recently released their new single, “COMMIT.”
LeVert has come together as a group; a unit with three musically powerful men who are amazing musicians who have covered music in a mighty way. These talented men bring their musical artistry, song and composition to each lyric and note.
Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1984, LeVert was a dominant force on the music charts and created a successful blueprint for urban male groups. The trio’s formula of combining soulful ballads and up-tempo beats with catchy hooks produced a dynamic catalog of music to be enjoyed for many years to come. Before adding “Roman Numeral” II to the LeVert brand as in LEVERT II, the original group was comprised of Marc Gordon, Gerald and Sean Levert.
Whether churning out hits for LeVert or creating hot tracks for other artists, Marc & Gerald had the “Midas Touch”. For more than 10 years, They’ve produced, wrote on or developed other successful recording artists such as Troop, Mikki Howard, Stephanie Mills, The O’Jays & Anita Baker and many others… Marc & Gerald followed the beat of their own drum and left a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of R&B/ Soul music lovers across the world.