Medixi LLC is a creative entertainment incubator that fosters upcoming artists through coaching and transparency, with audio-visual productions, vocal training, music engineering, songwriting, and personal brand development.

With the vision to bring forth a music renaissance that provides a pathway for undiscovered talent, Medixi is ran by artists, Ching-Him Ng (“Sxryn”), Raymond Joaceus (“Ray.B.”), Kristopher Wilson (“Young Ly”), Shaina Sanchez (“Shaina”), and Michael McGarry (“Blvkbird”).

Their diverse ethnic, educational, and musical backgrounds help bring forth a unique acumen and competitive value to artists in the media and entertainment industry.

The music company currently (2018) covers over six different genres on their discography –  Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, Reggae, Ska, and R&B, boasting over 50,000 followers and 1,000,000+ plays in under a year.

Recent achievements of the group have been selling out their show at The Bowery Electric, invited to perform at the University at Albany (SUNY), handling productions auditing work for Miss Universe, opening for billboard charting Reggae star Serani, and collaborating with multi-platinum TOPSZN producer Cameron “Chef” Pasquale on their latest single release – “Yo Mama” (released December 2017).

On January 19, 2018, the group’s ultimate mission is to provide an unforgettable experience and celebration of music at S.O.B’s – an energy that will echo across Manhattan.