Persistence, hard work and dedication are key elements in formulating a committed & loving

relationship. JAVIER LUIS embodies these qualities and emulate them in his love and respect

for music. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in NYC, Javier embraces and caringly transcends all

the endearing qualities of his Hispanic culture in his music.

During 2008, JAVIER LUIS released his first CD, “Himno A La Mujer”. A culturally collaborative

effort dedicated to the love and respect of women across all cultures and races. This album

intiated his journey of sharing passionate messages to the masses. The warmth and positive

response to the CD was overwhelming and exceded even his own expectations.

Known to his fans as “La Sonrisa Que Canta”, (The Smile That Sings), Javier is expecting to

reléase his second CD in November 2014. The preparation or as Javier considers it, his “Labor

of Love”, which has almost taken 3 years to map out will soon be brought to light. This new

production title “Por Amor” will entertain his audience with a mix of Salsa music, Ballads and

Dance. The material is both original and covers. This álbum which consists of originals and

covers, JAVIER LUIS definitely demonstrates his creativity in his peformance and in the songs

carefully selected as the ones that “spoke to his soul”.

Upon challenging his artistic integrity, the song selections provided emotional connections

within the melodies, lyrics and meaning. This proved evident during the vocal recording

process. His producers and staff engineer collectively agreed, Javier had “FOUND” himself

within this new reportoire of music.

The upcoming releases will include: his singles, CD and DVD of music videos from his new

production as well as his 2008 CD. According to Javier “Better late than never”.

Anxiety, excitement and elation are just some of the emotions that have taken this journey

with Javier. Ultimately his goal was to ensure his sacrifices, hard work, challenges, many

obstacles and final achievements are properly and professionaly delivered. Javier also wants to

recognize and satisfy his adoring fans whom have been truly loyal in awaiting his return to the


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